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Combating the Challenge of Brand Infringement

Combating the Challenge of Brand Infringement

The menace of counterfeiting, adulteration, product tampering, grey market and other brand infringement practices have continue to rear their ugly head virtually in all sectors and across the entire globe. It has gotten so bad that a staggering 5 – 7% of the entire world trade, valued at over $600 billion is lost annually to this illicit act. Every day, the evils of counterfeiting and other forms of brand infringement, denies governments legitimate tax, national economies, job losses, corporate entities – revenue loss and damaged reputation with attendant consumer health and public safety issues. The damage caused by this brand “vandals” is endless.  The other unfortunate deed of their act, is that their activities cuts across all available products; food & beverage, spare parts, batteries, computer hardware/software, ink cartridges & other computer consumables, toys, cosmetics, garments, medicines & medical supplies, building materials to mention a few.

The product counterfeiters and piracy agents continue to up their game every time, they perfect their manufacturing processes to become robust at their evil dealings and increase their piracy activities, taking advantage of evolving technologies. They are so fast at their game and inflict more damages on established brands. There is the urgent need by companies to protect their brand and this requires an holistic approach which is highlighted below:

  • Good grasp of Brand & Marketing realities in the environments.
  • Strong Marketing & Brand Research Competencies.
  • Good working relationship with Law Enforcement & Regulatory bodies
  • Ability to prepare evidence for judicial forfeiture proceedings to help companies in their anti-counterfeiting efforts.
  • Ability to help enforce rights in both civil and criminal cases through well thought out counterfeit detection investigations that provide up-to-date information about the counterfeiting network and their methods of operation.

MARQ SIKYOR AFRICA is a good example of an international brand protection firm, focused on the business of brand protection for local, international and global brands in the African Continent to protect their brands from Infringement and avoid violation of intellectual.

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